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The MBI Al Jaber Lecture Series 2018/19

Chris Doyle Giving his MBI Al Jaber Foundation Lecture
Chris Doyle Giving his MBI Lecture: Trump and Brexit – what impact on Britain’s relations with the Middle East?

The MBI Al Jaber Foundation is currently hosting its fourth lecture series for the 2018-19 academic year, after the completion of four very successful and interesting programmes. The lectures are held at the MBI Al Jaber Building, London Middle East Institute, SOAS at 5.45pm, usually on the third Thursday of the month until June 2019.

A full schedule of lectures is available here.

In order to reserve a seat for the lectures, please email as seating is limited.

Please note that the views expressed by the speakers in this lecture series should not be interpreted as views held by the MBI Al Jaber Foundation