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JJW Hotels & Resorts

Worldwide Leisure & Hospitality

JJW Hotels & Resorts is an international leisure enterprise operating a range of hotels, resorts, golf courses and cruise liners across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The company consists of a selection of high performing brands, wholly owned hotel groups and individual 5-star properties.

For over 30 years JJW has been successfully delivering the highest quality services, nurturing a loyal and ever growing client base, and making market-leading advances in the hospitality industry. The business prides itself on being an investor in people, in nurturing talent, and ensuring all employees are able to grow along with the company.

The JJW Group is currently seeking to expand its luxury brands into new countries and new markets; where its skills and services can be deployed and developed to maximum effect, bringing prosperity and success to both stakeholders and the local community.

Luxury Hotels

JJW Hotels & Resorts owns and manages a range of 5-star, stand-alone hotels, with long traditions, loyal customers and outstanding reputations. These hotels are exclusively for those who demand the highest standards of luxury, coupled with flawless service and classic design. The majority of these hotels are considered historical landmarks in their own right, and are located in prime locations within the worlds’ most popular destinations. Included in this range are the Grand Hotel, Vienna; Balzac Hotel, Paris; and the Dona Filipa Hotel in the Algarve.

The Lakes Hotel, Austria

Golf Courses

The JJW Group owns and operates a number of golf courses across Europe, including a range of exceptional courses in the Algarve and the South of France. Surrounded by natural beauty and breath taking scenery, these golf courses are frequently ranked as some of the best in the world. Included in this portfolio are the 27-hole Pinheiros Altos and the San Lorenzo Championship Course, both in the Algarve; along with Portugal’s oldest golf course, and ten-time Open host, the Sir Henry Cotton Championship Course.

Amarante Hotels

Iconic design and luxury lifestyle come together to form a brand that delivers an eclectic experience to a cultured clientele. Amarante works in perfect harmony with its surroundings, with offerings ranging from classic design hotels on Paris’ Champs Elysees to expansive apartments in the Algarve. Guests are welcomed into a world of energising space, luxury living and exciting adventures; where ambient décor, stunning design and impeccable service are paramount.

Median & Stars Hotels

JJW Hotels & Resorts also own and manage the upmarket, Median brand, which caters for both executive business and leisure stays in Paris; along with the budget Stars Hotels, which offer a range of affordable stays across the whole of France.

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