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Jadawel International Construction

Vision for Sustainable Urban Development

Jadawel International Construction & Development was established in Saudi Arabia with a vision to build state-of-the-art residential cities in the Kingdom with an uncompromising focus on longevity, quality and sustainable urban development.

Launched in 1982, the group practices a construction, ownership and management model, and completed numerous developments throughout the Eastern Province in the 80s & 90s. Flagship projects, Jadawel City, Al Khobar and Dorrat Al Jadawel, Riyadh were finalised in 1998, offering a total of 1000 luxury villas, complete with an advanced network of service structures, transportation and luxury lifestyle amenities.

Jadawel International, Saudi Arabia

Luxury Cities Throughout the Middle East

Today, these cities stand as testament to Jadawel’s acute foresight in the future need for sustainable luxury communities throughout the Kingdom, and remain in high-demand to the region’s upper-middle classes; whilst the company’s expertise in project management, infrastructure and maintenance... combined with sophisticated financial resources and an in-depth understanding of the Middle East construction industry gives Jadawel a unique advantage in a highly competitive market place.

In addition to building the luxury villas; an extensive range of supporting city infrastructure, including roads, potable water, sewerage and sewerage treatment plants, electricity, security, telecommunications and satellite TV is also constructed and maintained by the company.

At present, the group is looking to utilise its 35-years of experience to expand on its vision, and construct an unsurpassed network of communities and infrastructure; with the goal of providing high-quality luxury housing for an expanding population across the MENA region for future generations to come.

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