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Since 1994, Continentoil has been supplying a large range of infrastructure, production and manufacturing solutions to the hydro-carbon industry; assisting its clients with the development and monetisation of each segment of the oil and gas business chain, from extraction to end-user.

Operating throughout the MENA and the Caspian Sea regions, Continentoil provides a number of bespoke services – ranging from infrastructure and logistics, to managerial, entrepreneurial and operational skills – to both established and developing oil & gas owners, and leading petrochemical companies.   

Continentoil specialises in partnering with emerging resource owners and helping to establish them as a competitive hydrocarbon producer. The company assists these growing concerns in keeping control of their ownership and production; and implements optimal development of all resources.

Continentoil Tanker

Working out of head offices in London and Houston, Continentoil has aided a range of resource owners to stay profitable in a turbulent market; whilst ensuring they are optimally positioned to take advantage of industry volatility and adjustments.

The company is currently seeking out new partnerships and opportunities, where its years of expertise can add value, profit and long term success.

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