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Business Overview

London skyline

MBI International Holdings is a worldwide investment institution operating primarily in the hospitality, construction, urban development, food and oil & gas industries. With a combined asset value in excess of $9bn, the company has spent 35 years building a leading hotel empire, a market-defining development operation and a high-performing food company; which operates a range of port services, food processing plants and extensive distribution networks around the world. MBI operates out of head offices in the UK, France, Austria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the USA.

The group manages all enterprises centrally, utilising its vast-network of in-house resources to deliver all business, infrastructure and specialist support for MBIs worldwide operational output.

These Departments Include:
Corporate Management
Legal Division
Media, PR & Communications
Design & Content
IT Operations
Sales & Marketing
Finance & Accounting
Operations & Logistics
Supply & Procurement
Engineering Services

These individual departments work closely with the management teams at all of MBI International Holding’s businesses and subsidiaries to deliver the best front line services and solutions to an extensive range of customers, stakeholders and partners.

MBI International Holdings

78-80 Wigmore Street
London, W1U 2SJ, UK

Company No. 02592636
Tel: +44 (0)20 7935 5859