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MBI International Holdings

Investors in Global Business and Local Communities

MBI International Holdings is a worldwide investment institution operating primarily in the hospitality, construction, urban development, food and oil & gas industries. With a combined asset value in excess of $9bn, the company prides itself on investing ethically, in forging strong links with local communities... and building a robust future for its 9000 employees. MBI has been at the forefront of advances in sustainable housing, strategic commodity storage, food processing and port operations around the globe.

Grand Hotel Wien

JJW Hotels & Resorts

JJW Hotels & Resorts is a global leisure enterprise with a significant portfolio of hotels, luxury resorts, restaurants, golf courses and independent management contracts.

Jadawel International


Pioneering residential compound development in the Middle East since 1982, Jadawel are the leading name in secure, luxury compounds for business & upper-middle class communities.





Delivering industry leading solutions and services to a highly competitive and volatile market; whilst ensuring healthy profits and dividends for both customers and shareholders.

AJWA Processing Plant


Operating in the fields of port services, food processing, storage and distribution in Saudi Arabia & the Middle-East; one of the world's largest providers of quality food, oil & grain.



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